Are you concerned about…

  • Spending too much on research?  Spending too little?
  • Not making best use of your research dollars?
  • What research areas to support next?
  • Needing assistance with interpreting researchers’ results?
  • Needing help to manage researchers or a research program?

...We can help you

dmark consulting LLC offers a number of research management services to supply or support R&D and Marketing programs for functional foods, dietary supplements, medical nutrition, functional food ingredients and performance nutrition. Deeply experienced with the needs of industry and non-profit organizations.

Science Management Services:

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The needs of an industry or non-profit organization with a product to sell are entirely different from those of a university-based researcher who may be asked to conduct the work. The latter is akin to entering a maze to learn where the paths go, while the former wants to identify the goal, and working backwards, plot a path that will result in achieving the goal in the shortest time possible. Ideally, intermediate milestones will allow the project to pay for itself in the form of increasing sales based on progressively stronger health claims.

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All research programs can benefit from a periodic formal review of long-term goals. Doing this avoids three classical errors 1) the project is drifting off course; 2) the project is on course but Marketing requirements have changed; and 3) R&D and Marketing are in accord, but indirect competition has changed the playing field.

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“It’s a good thing” to ask for progress reports, final reports, and previews of abstracts and manuscripts, but without staff time or expertise to provide a timely review – what’s the point? As part of research management, dmark consulting can design Case Report Forms, conduct on-site audits, review the progress reports, and assess whether the researchers' conclusions are supported by the result.

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Hire a ResearcherWrangler™ to help manage all aspects of a university research project, from initial query, to submitting an article to a peer-reviewed science journal, to organizing the researcher’s involvement in a video news release and press release.

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A small to moderate-sized company that does not have the in-house expertise to actively negotiate specifics of proposals, protocols and budgets will find that it typically takes six months or longer to go from initial contact with a university-based researcher to a signed Research Agreement. Experienced help though this stage can cut time and trim the budget. Of equal importance, a front-end focus on experimental design, statistical power analysis, objectives, measurements, inclusion criteria, budget and timeline will improve the chances for a successful project.

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Science is not a foreign language, but it can stand some interpretation for purposes of supporting Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising efforts.  What, exactly, can be said, and how much scientific evidence is needed to justify saying it?

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Need 1500 words for a magazine article? 5000 words for a referenced review article for a scientific journal?  Paragraphs to drop into a website? Text for a health professional pamphlet or consumer brochure?  Hire a member of the American Medical Writers Association to be your writer.

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Too busy to go to a scientific conference? Or not exactly sure what the researchers are saying? JustSendDavid. For a reasonable per diem you can have an experienced research scientist attend a conference, write an exclusive report, meet and entertain your researchers, assess the competitors exhibit booths, plus cruise the scientific posters and 15-minute talks to find new research talent.

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By making use of a network of independent consultants, it may be possible for dmark consulting LLC to arrange for a RD or PhD who lives in the conference city to staff or help staff your exhibit at a health professional conference. Or a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document can be prepared so that Sales and Marketing staff at the exhibit will be comfortable answering most questions from physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

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When a researcher proposes an interesting project idea outside the scope of your current expertise (or when a potential adverse effect of your bioactive product makes the news), it may be the right time to get a timely review of the relevant scientific literature before taking action. Reviews can range from a one-page summary after looking at a handful of abstracts at PubMed to a referenced report based on a close read of 50-100 scientific articles in combination with phone interviews of leading researchers in the field.